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Woodland Animal Christening Invites

When we decided to have our baby son’s christening in December 2017 we knew that we would have to create a new design to celebrate this occasion. Ever parents knows the joy and expectations leading up to a birth, including decorating the new nursery. You can search Pinterest, scour Google or pick up latest baby magazine from the local shop to come up with ideas and plans on how to convert the room, usually from a walk in wardrobe or dumbing ground for all your loved but barely used items. After numerous hours and ideas, it was agreed that our ‘theme’ would be a woodland animals, out came the rubbish, the clothes and in went the paint, nursery furniture and other woodland design ideas.

It followed on from that to create a matching woodland themed christening invite, a style that has proven popular with weddings, the Art Deco wedding invite has proven to be a top seller! However to make the invite even more interesting we added a extra touch to made the invite stand out even further. We decided to make the invite standout and feel more luxurious we would add an extra insert that would fold out for the guest, a hidden page as it where. We have done this on our Harry Potter map style invite, which again has proven to be a huge seller, especially in America, were we have weekly dispatches.

We found the perfect artwork at Creative Market, a great pace for stock images, unique artwork and other personalised items. After numerous edits and changes, tweaks and twists the art work was perfect and was ready to print. Printed on luxury 350gsm matt card on a top of the range commercial laser printer the invites turned out better than we could have hoped. Hand cut, assembled and wrapped in rustic raffia, the finial product was a beautiful, colourful invite featuring woodland forest animals and matching elements, with matching Kraft envelope.

Its fair to say the invites where warmly welcomed and with much positive feedback before and after the special day. The Woodland Invite can now be purchased here on our new site, the design is fully personalised to suit your exact requirements and at great prices. We guarantee that you and your guests will fall in love with these gorgeous Woodland Forest Animal themed christening invites.




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